Retrieving initial state releases for PRP use

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You can download initial state releases with CS Connect. If you want to retrieve the initial release of a state application for use on a per-return-pricing (PRP) basis, complete these steps.

  1. Choose Utilities > CS Connect.
  2. Set the Retrieve and apply available updates switch to Yes.
  3. Click the Initial State Releases tab.
  4. Select the state releases you would like to download by marking the checkbox to the left of the application.
  5. Click the Connect button.


  • The corresponding federal entity must be installed before you can download the initial state release.
  • If you have an unlimited state license, the initial release of that state downloads automatically after your Connect session.
  • The Retrieve and apply available updates switch must be set to Yes to enable the Initial State Releases tab.
  • You can use the Add State button in the File > New Client or File > Client Properties dialog to retrieve initial state release updates.

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