Sending client data to CS Support via CS Connect

Alerts and notices

This task should only be completed at the request of an UltraTax CS Support representative.

While troubleshooting issues, a Support representative may request that you send them client data via CS Connect. Follow these steps to send the data.

  1. Choose Help > Repair.
  2. In the Clients tab, highlight the client whose data you want to send.
  3. Click the Send Via CS Connect button.
  4. You will be prompted to enter a comment. Enter the name of the Support representative with whom you have discussed the issue, include a brief synopsis of the issue, and click OK.
  5. A message opens to inform you that the data will be transmitted during your next Connect session. Click OK.

    Note: If you are sending more than one client to Support (i.e. for consolidated or data sharing issues), repeat steps 2-5 for each applicable client. In step 4, ensure any necessary information (i.e. parent, subsidiary) is indicated in the comment for each client."

  6. Click Done.
  7. Start a Connect session with the Support: Transmit client to CS Support switch set to Yes.