Transmitting and retrieving Web Client Organizers with CS Connect

Alerts and notices

Follow these steps to transmit web client organizers (if licensed for NetFirm CS) with CS Connect.

Note: These steps assume that the web organizer has been generated and is ready for transmission.

  1. Choose Utilities > CS Connect.
  2. Set the Web Delivery: ($) Transmit organizers switch to Yes.


    • This switch is available only if a web organizer has been created.
    • If you enabled the eSignature feature, this checkbox is named Transmit organizers and eSignature documents.
  3. Click the Web Organizer tab.
  4. The pane on the left shows a list of clients with web organizers that you can transmit. To select clients to transmit, highlight the client name and click the Select button. To select all the clients for transmission, click the Select All button. Selected clients display in the right pane.

    Note: To remove a client from the right pane, highlight the client name and click the Remove button. To delete a web organizer, highlight the client name and click the Delete button.

  5. To retrieve web organizers that have previously been transmitted, set the Web Delivery: ($) Retrieve completed organizers switch to Yes in the Options tab before you connect.
  6. The selected web client organizers will be transmitted to Thomson Reuters during your next Connect session.