Troubleshooting update errors

Alerts and notices

If you are unable to apply updates, try the following solutions.

  • Delete and then reinstall the updates. If an update still fails, reboot your workstation and try again, or try this procedure from a different workstation.
  • Run the application as an administrator. To do so, close UltraTax CS, right-click the application icon, and choose Run as Administrator. 
  • Restart your computer and apply the updates with no other applications running.
  • If an update fails to apply for a specific federal, state, or city application, for example 1040-US, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the federal or state application causing the issue.
  • Disable anti-virus and/or firewalls and/or real time protection. Note that starting your computer in safe mode does not necessarily disable all anti-virus applications. Refer to your anti-virus software vendor's help resources for information about disabling their software. If disabling anti-virus and real-time protection solves the update issue, you may need to add the WinCSI directory to your anti-virus software exceptions list. For more information, see Antivirus guidelines for CS Professional Suite applications and Firewall guidelines for CS Professional Suite applications.
  • If your computer is on a network, apply the updates from another computer.


  • UltraTax CS will remain open when applying update, but you will need to close and re-open the application for the applied updates to become available.
  • If CS Connect encounters a problem while applying updates, the updates are not applied and the application remains at the most recent successfully updated version. In this case, subsequent updates for the current session are placed on hold.
  • At the end of a CS Connect session, CS Connect will automatically apply any downloaded updates that have not been applied, even if updates were not downloaded during that particular Connect session.
  • If some state application updates don't automatically apply as expected, you can try to re-run the installation wizard and select Install selected products for those state applications. There is no need to completely uninstall beforehand, as completing this step will only install the missing updates. 
  • While the Online Status dialog displays, the computer is connected to our secure data centers. CS Connect automatically logs off from those servers and disconnects the Connect session after it completes its processes. However, you can click the Cancel Call button at any time to disconnect the Connect session. If you accidentally disconnect the Connect session while downloading updates, you will need to connect to our secure data centers later to download the remaining updates.
  • You can sign up to receive email alerts about CS Professional Suite updates. (Note that you must create a web account to sign up for email subscriptions.)
  • With UltraTax CS, you will receive regular releases from early January through early February. To ensure that you are processing returns with the latest applications available, we suggest that you connect frequently from February through April 15th. When you connect to our secure data centers, you will receive all applicable updates that have not been downloaded. Note that the UltraTax CS home page displays updates that you can download.

Internal notes

Support: If the update appears in WinCSI\UTYY\Updates folder, but fails at applying, it is almost always the antivirus preventing this. If the update doesn't even make it to the WinCSI\UTYY\Updates folder, it is likely due to firewall settings and antivirus. See the external topics below for more information. 

Firewall guidelines for CS Suite

Antivirus guidelines for CS Suite