Discarding updates to shared data and retaining existing values

Alerts and notices

When you open a client whose shared data has been updated, you will be prompted with the updates on the Data Sharing - Pending Updates dialog. You can accept the updated data by using the Data Sharing - Update dialog. To retain the existing data for the current client, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Open and open the client whose data has been updated.
  2. If necessary, choose Utilities > Data Sharing > Updates to open the Data Sharing - Pending Updates dialog. (By default, this dialog appears automatically when you open a client who has an update to shared data pending. However, you may change this setting.)
  3. In the Data Sharing - Pending Updates dialog, click Review or Add Unit.

    Tip: If you do not want to review each item that is being shared for a new unit, click the Discard Unit button.

  4. Review the list of pending updates to shared data. The Reviewing Category group box displays the current data value in the Existing client data column and the pending information in the New source data column.
  5. To retain the existing values for all data, click the Retain existing client data and discard source data option and click the Retain button.

    Note: Retaining existing shared values may cause the client data that triggered the original update to be prompted with the retained value, unless you used the Office Configuration > Data Sharing tab to designate the open client as having a TIN with multiple valid addresses.

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