Add or modify criteria that search for specific calculated values in the client's federal or state returns

Alerts and notices

When calculated values criteria are selected for a search, Data Mining defaults to search for all values greater than zero. Edit calculated values search criteria when you want to search for clients whose data contains other ranges of amounts, numbers, or dates.

  1. In the Add/Modify Search Criteria dialog, click the Calculated values option.
  2. From the Product field, select federal or a state for the calculated values search criterion that you want to define.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To add a new criterion based on an existing criterion: Highlight the desired criterion in the list and click the Another button.
    • To change the current definition of an existing, user-created criterion: Highlight the desired criterion in the list and click the Edit button.

    Note: Predefined search criteria, which are included with Data Mining, cannot be modified.

    When you add or modify a search criterion in the Search Criteria list, the new definition applies to all searches that use that criterion, including existing searches. If you do not want to affect existing searches, do not modify the search criterion. Instead, add and edit a new search criterion.

  4. From the Operator drop-down list, select the mathematical operator for the search criterion.
  5. In the Value in Field field, enter the value to use as the basis for the search criterion. View an example.

    Note: If you selected Between from the Operator field, enter in the two fields that appear the range of values to be used as the basis of the search criterion.

  6. Click the Enter button to save your changes.
  7. Do one of the following:

The new search criterion you created can now be added to your search.