Proforma Data Mining reports, letters, and searches

Alerts and notices

If you used UltraTax CS last year, you can proforma any custom Data Mining reports, letters, and searches from any UltraTax CS federal or state application that you had installed.

  1. Choose Utilities > Proforma.
  2. From the drop-down list in the top left corner, choose Data Mining.
  3. Use the Focus group box at the bottom of this dialog to limit the items that appear in the listing by entity type.

    Note: The Preparer/reviewer/staff, Fiscal year end, Prior year events, Exclude proforma'd clients, and Exclude 706 clients fields are available only when you proforma client data, not Data Mining reports, letters, or searches. Also, you cannot proforma items until we release the applicable federal application for the current tax year. Therefore, some entity types in the Focus group box may not be available early in the year.

  4. In the Data to proforma group box on the right, the UltraTax CS option is selected by default. Verify that the drive and path of last year's application are correct. If not, click the drop-down list to select a different prior-year path. If the correct prior-year path is not listed, click the Change UltraTax CS Location button, navigate to the correct drive and path, and then click OK to return to the Proforma dialog.
  5. Highlight the items you want to proforma and click the Select button.
  6. When all the items you want to proforma appear in the Selected to proforma pane on the right, click the Proforma button. The Proforma Document Status dialog appears indicating the progress of the proforma procedure.
  7. Click Done when the proforma process is complete.

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