Selecting print items in Data Mining

Alerts and notices

After you complete a search in Data Mining you can select the items you want to print.

  1. From the Data Mining window, select the database to work in and click the Continue (Step 2) button.
  2. From the Print Selection and Client Search dialog, select existing custom reports and/or client letters. To do so, select the appropriate option, highlight items, and click the Select button. To select mailing labels, simply click the Mailing labels option.

    Note: To add or modify a custom report, click the Design Custom Reports button, or to add or modify a client letter, click the Compose Client Letters button.

  3. After selecting items to print, select the Product and the search from the Search name field in the Client search/focus group box, or proceed to the Add/Modify Searches dialog to add a new search. Then, click the Continue (Step 3) button.

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