Assigning or correcting tax codes for CSA clients

Alerts and notices

Follow these steps to assign valid tax codes or to correct any invalid or blank tax codes that UltraTax CS found when attempting to transfer data from Creative Solutions Accounting's Write-Up CS or Trial Balance CS modules. Note that you can also use the Chart of Accounts window in Creative Solutions Accounting (CSA) to assign or correct tax codes. For more information on Write-Up CS or Trial Balance CS, see the CSA help.

Note: To determine the correct tax codes, view or print the appropriate federal application's Tax Code Diagrams PDF. You can open this PDF by opening the UltraTax CS Home Page, clicking the Product Information link, clicking the appropriate federal application's tab, clicking the Federal link, and then clicking the Product guides link.

  1. Depending on whether you are assigning or correcting tax codes, complete one of the following actions.
    • From the Import from Creative Solutions Accounting dialog, highlight the appropriate general ledger client in the Clients to transfer pane on the right, and then click the Assign Tax Codes button.
    • From the error message regarding invalid or blank tax codes, click the Assign Tax Codes button.
  2. In the Assign Creative Solutions Accounting Tax Codes dialog, scroll to the account for which you want to assign a tax code, click the field in the Tax Code column and select the appropriate tax code from the drop-down list. Please note the following special circumstances.
    • For invalid or blank tax codes: To draw your attention to tax codes that need to be corrected, UltraTax CS displays a red vertical stripe to the right of any blank or invalid tax code number in the Tax Code column.
    • For Write-Up CS clients with multiple properties: To assign tax codes to multiple properties for transfer to multiple-unit input screens in UltraTax CS, select the appropriate tax code, then enter the unit number in the Unit field.
    • For departmental CSA clients: Assign tax codes to either the departmental or combining accounts, but not to both. If you assign tax codes to both, the amounts will be duplicated during the transfer.
    • For memo account balances that you do not want transferred to UltraTax CS: Enter 99999 in the Tax Code column if you also do not want the amount to appear in CSA's Tax Code report. Enter 88888 if you do not want the amount to transfer to UltraTax CS but do want it to appear as an audit trail in CSA's Tax Code report.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all tax codes you want to assign.
  4. Click OK to close the Assign Creative Solutions Accounting Tax Codes dialog.

Note: You can update Creative Solutions Accounting tax codes in UltraTax CS. 

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