1040 / 1041 / 990 - US ELF: Payment by credit card for balance due returns and extensions

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While taxes for balance due returns, estimates, and extensions can be paid via credit card, the IRS does not allow credit card payment information to be submitted with returns, estimate vouchers, or extensions, regardless of whether they are electronically filed or paper filed.

However, you would need to provide information to your clients about making credit card payments using third-party payment systems approved by the IRS.

Filing Instruction Information

If your client wishes to pay any balance due by credit card, you can include information on credit card payments in the client's printed filing instructions. There are three custom paragraphs regarding credit card payment information. For instructions to include custom paragraphs in client documents, refer to Adding a custom paragraph to a client document.

  • For returns, select the Credit Card Payment (FI) custom paragraph.

  • For estimates, select the Estimates Credit Card Payment (FI) custom paragraph.

  • For extensions, select the Extension Credit Card Payment (FI) custom paragraph.

Note: If you use combined filing instructions for federal and state returns, do not select the Estimates Credit Card Payment (FI) custom paragraph. Simply select the Credit Card Payment (FI) custom paragraph.

Form 9325

If your client's return is being electronically filed, Form 9325, Acknowledgement and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically, provides detailed information about credit card payments for any balance(s) due. Review the If You Owe Tax section on Form 9325 for further information. This form can be printed for electronically filed returns from the Electronic Filing Status dialog. Access this dialog by clicking the icon in the program toolbar.

Third Party Processing

Following is the information that is provided to clients in the aforementioned custom paragraphs and Form 9325 Instructions:

A taxpayer can use their American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa Card to make tax payments for returns, estimated tax payments, and extensions. A convenience fee will be charged by the service provider based on the amount paid. Fees may vary between providers. The taxpayer will be told what the fee is during the transaction and they will have the option to either continue or cancel the transaction. You can also find out what the fee will be by calling the provider's toll-free automated customer service number or visiting the provider's website shown below.

Link2Gov Corporation


888.658.5465 (Customer Service)


Official Payments Corporation


877.754.4413 (Customer Service)


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

To pay online or by phone use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). Payments can be made using the phone or through the internet and can be scheduled up to a year in advance. There is no charge for this payment option when using the U.S. Department of the Treasury. It takes 10-15 days to complete the EFTPS enrollment process so enroll early to ensure timely payment. To enroll or to receive additional information contact EFTPS at one of the listings below and follow their instructions.

800.316.6541 (Customer Service)


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