1040-US: Bank information not printing on Form 1040, Page 2

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You can enter bank information on the Bank screen in the general folder, but it will not print on Form 1040, Page 2 in the following scenarios.

  • If allocating refund to multiple accounts using Form 8888.
  • If the tax due is zero with a refund in excess of $10,000; unless the Direct deposit refund (Force) field is marked on Screen Bank, located under the General folder.
  • If the routing number is not in proper format. To meet IRS requirements, a valid transit number must be nine numbers (no hyphens) with the first two digits within the range of 01-12 or 21-32.
  • If the return does not have a refund.
  • If 5 = Proforma Only is selected in the Taxpayer verified all bank info by: field on Screen Bank, in the General folder, the bank information will not be used in the tax return. To use the bank information on Screen Bank, make a different selection in the Taxpayer verified bank info by: field.

Note: If an Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) has been selected as the payment method, then the Electronic Funds WD will be completed with the bank information in Forms View under the EFW folder.

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