1040 - US ELF: PDF Attachment report

Alerts and notices

The PDF Attachment Report will print with the Preparer copy of a return when a PDF has been attached to an electronic file for the Federal or State 1040. The report lists by product the title and attachment source of each file. Also included in the report are the following worksheets produced by UltraTax/1040 that are automatically attached as a PDF to the electronic file: Partner's basis worksheets, Shareholder's basis worksheets, Net operating loss worksheets; and Education savings account (ESA) and Qualified Tuition Program (QTP) worksheets. Any of the auto-generated worksheets can be suppressed from being included in the electronic file on Screen 8453 in the Electronic Filing folder.

To globally suppress all auto-generated PDF attachments to the electronic file for all clients not yet opened in Setup > 1040 Individual > Federal > Other Return Options > Other tab, mark the Suppress all auto-generated PDF attachments in the e-file (Screen 8453) checkbox.

Note: The actual PDFs attached to the e-file will not print with the return.