1040 - US ELF: Shareholder's basis worksheets and Net operating loss worksheets

Alerts and notices

There are certain worksheets/calculations that the IRS will request to substantiate a calculation / deduction. Review Publication 536 (Page 2 Tip) to learn when you must attach the worksheet calculation.

UltraTax CS is automating this process and automatically attaching the following as a PDF file to the electronic file: Partner’s basis worksheets, Shareholder’s basis worksheets, Net operating loss worksheets; and Education savings account (ESA) and Qualified Tuition Program (QTP) worksheets. Any of the auto-generated worksheets can be suppressed from being included in the electronic file on Screen 8453 in the Electronic Filing folder.

To globally suppress all auto-generated PDF attachments to the electronic file for all clients not yet opened , in Setup > 1040 Individual > Federal > Other Return Options > Other tab, mark the Suppress all auto-generated PDF attachments in the e-file (Screen 8453) checkbox.

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