1041 - US: Electronic payment options

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Access Screen ELF, in the Electronic Filing folder, to indicate the applicable payment option. The following payment options are available.

  • Electronic Funds Withdrawal - Payment must match balance due on Form 1041.

    This option is available if using PIN or mailing Form 8453-FE

  • Check - Mail check by due date to IRS with payment remittance.
    • Pay by due date of return.
    • Form 1041-V, Payment Voucher).
    • This option is available if using PIN.
  • Online or by phone - Use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). Payments can be made using the phone or through the Internet and can be scheduled up to a year in advance. There is no charge for this payment option when paid via the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The EFTPS enrollment process may take 10-15 days to complete, so enroll early to ensure timely payment. To enroll or to receive additional information, contact EFTPS at one of the listings below and follow their instructions.

    EFTPS - Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

  • American Express card, Discover card, MasterCard or Visa - Contact one of the service providers listed below and follow their instructions. The service providers, based on the amount you are paying, will charge a convenience fee. Fees may vary among the providers. You will be notified of the fee during the transaction and given an option to discontinue the transaction. Confirmation number(s) will be given on all credit card transactions. Before filing your return, enter the confirmation number and the amount you charged (not including the convenience fee) in the upper-left corner of Page 1 of the return. Enter the same information on your copy of the return.
    • Link2Gov Corporation
    • RBS WorldPay Inc.
    • Official Payments Corporation

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