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Diagnostic message

The following fields are required when filing Form 5472: Lines 1e, 1j, 1k and all the related party information in Part III


Access Screen 1120, located under the General folder, and select the appropriate code in the Business code field.

Access Screen 5472, located under the 5472 folder, and enter the appropriate information in the Country of incorporation, Countries where reporting corporation files tax return as resident and Countries where business is conducted fields.

Access Screen 5472-2, located under the 5472 folder, and enter all appropriate information in the Related Party Information section.  Ensure a value is entered in the US identifying number field. If the foreign related party does not have an EIN, enter Applied For or ForeignUS in this field to electronically file the return. The IRS e-file system requires this field to be completed.  Verify that the state field under the Related Party Information section is blank if the Foreign country field is completed. Do not enter . Foreign Address in the state field.

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