Paying with Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) (990)

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You can use Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) to pay amounts for the following:

  • Form 990-PF returns, extensions, and estimates 
  • 990-T extensions
  • 4720 extensions
  • 990-PF estimates

You can only use EFW on returns you e-file. 

To choose EFW as the payment method: 

  1. Go to the ELF-2 screen in the Electronic Filing folder and enter the bank account information.
  2. For 990-PF estimates, mark the Electronic funds withdrawal for Form 990-PF estimated payments field.
  3. Go to the ELF screen and make sure the File this return electronically box is marked. 
  4. For everything except 990-PF estimates, scroll down the ELF screen and enter a Requested payment date.
  5. For 990-PF returns only, you can force a partial payment by using the Tax payment (Force) field. 

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