UltraTax CS Extension Checklist Generator

Alerts and notices

The UltraTax CS Extension Checklist Generator is an interactive tool that helps you create a custom extension checklist. You can print your extension checklist and use it to complete extensions in UltraTax CS. This article links you to the tool, explains how it works, and provides additional resources for preparing extensions.

The Extension Checklist Generator does not cover every type of extension. Before filing any extension, you should review the UltraTax CS client's extension filing instructions to verify what you are filing.


Open the UltraTax CS 1040 Extension Checklist Generator

You can create a state extension without a federal by clicking Add state to bypass the federal extension questions.

1120 and 1065

Open the UltraTax CS 1120/1065 Extension Checklist Generator

Consolidated returns

For Consolidated C and S Corporation extensions, open the parent return and follow the Extension Checklist Generator. You cannot extend consolidated returns from within a subsidiary company.

Scenarios not covered

The Extension Checklist Generators will not cover:

More resources

If your scenario is not covered by the Extension Checklist Generator or you need additional information, see the following resources: