ELF (all entities): Filtering the ELF status window to view EFW filers

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Designate the EFW column as a Primary column

In order to filter using a specific column, that column must be designated as a Primary column. Therefore, if it is not already indicated as a Primary column (which the EFW column is not by default), access the Column Preferences button () and change the EFW designation to Primary.

Filtering to view clients whose e-files have been Created and EFW has been authorized

UltraTax CS logs an event to each client when a client authorizes a taxing agency to withdraw funds directly from a bank account. Within the ELF Status window, an X will appear in the EFW column, accordingly.

  1. Begin by clicking on the filter icon () on the right side of the EFW column, and selecting "X".
  2. The ELF Status window will now be filtered to show only those clients for whom an Electronic Funds Withdrawal has been authorized and the e-file has been created.

Printing a report for all clients who appear using the above filter options

After filtering the clients as desired using one of the two methods above, to print a report including all clients who appear under the given filter, see the following steps.

  1. After applying the desired filter above, click the Select All button which appears at the bottom-right of the Electronic Filing Status window.

    Note: If the Deselect All option is available, disregard this step.

  2. Click the Print button () on the toolbar at the top-left of the ELF Status window.
  3. Once the E-File Status Print dialog appears, click the Standard efile report option (columns displayed on the primary level), and click Print.

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