MBT - ELF: Best practices for e-file attachments

Alerts and notices

The state of Michigan accepts PDF attachments with MBT e-filed returns. Due to state requirements, attachments to the MBT e-file must meet very specific naming conventions. As a result, UltraTax/MBT uses the following conventions:

  • When an attachment title is selected from the drop-down list under the Electronic Filing Attachment Utility, UltraTax CS automatically amends the name of a scanned document so that it fits the required naming convention provided in the Michigan Treasury Department’s specifications.
  • A diagnostic will appear indicating that the scanned document name has been changed to meet the Michigan Treasury Department’s specifications.
  • UltraTax CS includes pre-formatted attachment file names to be used in electronically filed returns.
  • A diagnostic will appear when an attachment title is manually entered and does not meet the Michigan Treasury’s specifications.

See the Michigan Business Tax Handbook at michigan.gov/taxes for more information.

Internal notes

Support: The following forms will be automatically attached to UBG e-files: The 4700, 4746, any affiliate forms (beginning with "u"), and the 4581 (it's non-calculating, and must have data)