UltraTax CS: E-File - CS Connect state returns transmission

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Individual income tax returns (Form 1040) use the IRS Modernized Electronic Filing (MeF) program for electronic filing. MeF is a web-based system that allows electronic filing of individual , corporation, partnership, and exempt organization tax returns. MeF uses the widely-accepted Extensible Markup Language (XML) format, which is an industry standard used to identify, store, and transmit data, rather than the proprietary data transmission formats that older electronic filing programs use.

Unlike the IRS legacy systems, there are no piggyback returns using MeF. Instead, a state return is considered linked or unlinked. A return is linked if the federal return is transmitted prior to or at the same time as the state return. A return is unlinked if the state return is submitted and accepted prior to the federal return being transmitted.

Due to this change the state returns will display in CS Connect as follows:


From the Electronic Filing tab within CS Connect, can I select and submit only the state return? Or would the state return be rejected if it was a linked state?

In most cases, you can select and submit just the state return; however, there are some exceptions.

For the states that were previously "piggyback" states and are not linked states does the federal return have to be accepted for the state return to be transmitted and accepted?

No, the federal return does not need to be accepted; however, note the exceptions listed above.

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