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  1. Choose File > Print Extensions to open the Print Extensions dialog.
  2. By default, UltraTax CS prints both the federal and state extensions. To print only the federal extension, click the Options button, clear the state checkboxes, and click OK.
  3. To indicate which extension form you want to print, click the Options button, click the appropriate option in the Which group box, and then click OK.

    Note: To print only Form 7004 and suppress client documents, mark the Suppress client documents checkbox in File > Print Extensions > Options > Extension Print Options.

  4. To print extensions for any client other than the open client, click the Clients button, select the appropriate client(s), and click OK.
  5. To file extensions electronically for selected clients, mark the Create electronic file checkbox under the Extension option.
  6. To print returns to FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom (if licensed) in addition to your printer, mark the FileCabinet CS or GoFileRoom checkbox. If you are storing returns in FileCabinet CS, use the adjacent drop-down list to choose the desired storage location.

    Note: The selected client(s) will not print to FileCabinet CS if the Deny FileCabinet CS access to client data checkbox is marked in File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties > Restrict Access tab.

  7. Click the Print button.


  • UltraTax CS defaults to the previous extension print selection, so you may need to reset your extension print options. If you are prompted that “The selected clients will not be printed because their entity does not support the extension selected” when you print or create an electronic extension, choose File > Print Returns, click the Extension option, mark the Create electronic file checkbox, click the Options button, click the Extension Print Options tab, and confirm that the correct option is selected in the Which group box.
  • You should reset your extension print options to First extension after you print or create a second extension.


  • To spool extensions for later printing, click the Printer button, select UltraTax CS Spool from the Printer field, and click OK.
  • To print estimates when printing an extension, click the Options button on the Print Extensions dialog, then click the Extension Print Options tab and mark the Print estimates with extension checkbox.
  • For certain entity types, you can set extension options and enter a reason for the extension for all extensions of that entity type. If available, these options can be set by opening the Federal tab in the Product Information dialog, and then clicking the extension-related button. (Note that your security configuration might restrict access to the Product Information dialog.)

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