Printing mailing labels for clients

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To print mailing labels for your clients, including individuals, shareholders, partners, beneficiaries, and/or participants:

  1. Choose Utilities > Mailing Labels > Client.
  2. In the Clients available for labels pane on the left, highlight the clients for whom you want to print mailing labels, and then click the Select button.

    Note: The open client is automatically selected for printing. If you do not want to print labels for the open client, highlight the open client in the Clients to print labels for pane on the right and then click the Remove button.

  3. For the 1120, 1065, 1041, and 5500 clients listed in the Clients to print labels for pane on the right: Indicate which labels you want to print by doing one or both of the following:
    • To print labels for shareholders, partners, beneficiaries, and/or participants but not for the clients themselves, clear the Client labels checkbox.
    • To print labels for shareholders, partners, beneficiaries, and/or participants mark the Shareholder, Partner, Beneficiary, Participants labels checkbox, and then click the appropriate option in the Separator between clients group box.
  4. Click the Continue button to open the Print Client Mailing Labels dialog.
  5. From the drop-down list in the Label size group box, select the appropriate label size or click the Define label size button to add a custom label size.
  6. Use the fields in the Copies group box to determine how many copies or pages of labels UltraTax CS will print. If printing on a partially-used sheet of labels, use the Begin on row and Column fields to indicate the position on the page at which UltraTax CS will begin printing.
  7. UltraTax CS defaults to printing a barcode on the mailing label for each address with a valid five-digit or nine-digit ZIP code. If you do not want to print barcodes, clear the Print barcode on labels checkbox.
  8. UltraTax CS defaults to sorting by client ID. To sort by Client name, Entity, or Zip code, choose one of these options from the Sort By drop-down list.
  9. If desired, mark any of the following checkboxes.
    • Print labels in all capital letters: Mark this checkbox to print all characters on the label in uppercase.
    • Print labels with client ID: Mark this checkbox to include the client ID on each label.
    • Print labels with client name only: Mark this checkbox to print labels that only contain the clients' name(s). These labels will print with the client's last name first for all 1040 clients.
  10. Make sure the correct label stock is in the printer and then click the Print button.

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