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Each UltraTax CS user in your firm can customize the appearance and behavior of the folders block in input screen view, form view, and prior-year view. These changes will only affect that user's local UltraTax CS application, so everyone in your firm can create an UltraTax CS display configuration that best meets their needs.

Perform the following steps to customize the folders block in your UltraTax CS application.

  1. Choose Window > Display Settings.
  2. In the appropriate Monitor column, use the Folder block drop-down list to choose the desired setting. You can choose from the following options.
    • Share display area: Choose this option to have the folders block slide offscreen when not in use, and automatically appear when you mouse over the left side of the screen or press ESC. This option enables the input screen to use the majority of the designated monitor.
    • Narrow: Choose this option to use a thin folders block with truncated folder names, which provides more screen area for the input screens.
    • Wide: Choose this option to use a wide folders block with complete folder names, which provides easy navigation among various screens and folders.
  3. To have the folders block slide offscreen in form view, mark the Share display area checkbox under the appropriate Form view checkbox.
  4. If you marked the Tile views checkbox to view multiple windows at once (including input screen view, form view, and prior-year data), you can also mark the Input, Form, and Prior Yr checkboxes under Share folder display area to have the folders block slide offscreen in each selected window.
  5. Click OK to apply your changes.

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