Entering PRP preparer block information

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Follow these steps to enter PRP preparer block information.

  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration and click the Firm tab.
  2. Click the PRP Preparer Block button.
  3. In the PRP Preparer Block dialog, click Add, and enter the name and address information for the PRP preparer block.
  4. Use the applicable fields in the Electronic Filing and Signature block (where allowed) group boxes, and click Enter.
  5. Repeat these steps for other PRP preparer blocks and click Done when you are finished.


  • To change the information in a preparer block, click the firm name, then click Edit.
  • To delete a preparer block from the list, click the firm name, then click Delete.
  • The PRP preparer blocks you enter will be available for selection in the Client Properties dialog.
  • If you have a site or network license and you want to print PRP preparer block information for a client, you need an authorization code for the client.

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