Adding an input screen unit

Alerts and notices

To add a unit to a multiple-unit input screen:

  1. Click the Add Unit Add Unit button button. (Note that this button is available only if the current input screen is a multiple-unit input screen.) A blank copy of the input screen appears.
  2. If a Unit field appears in the input screen, UltraTax CS automatically enters the next available number in this field. If desired, you can overwrite this number, but you cannot leave the field blank.

    Note: Some multiple-unit input screens do not have unit number or description fields because they are not needed. One example is 1040 Screen W2.

  3. If there is a description field, enter a description of the item for which you added the unit. For example, if you added a unit for Schedule C, enter a name in the Business name field.

Tip: You can also add a unit if you choose Add Unit from the drop-down list in the input screen's tab.