Reviewing diagnostic messages

Alerts and notices

UltraTax CS provides diagnostic messages that warn you of any incorrect data and/or additional information that is needed on the return. There are several ways to view diagnostic messages.

When you use any of these methods, a list of diagnostic messages appears in a small window with several tabs showing, in the right pane of the open client, or in the bottom pane of the open client, based on the settings specified in the Windows > Display Settings dialog. (The tabs or sections contained in the Diagnostic window will change based on the data entered in the return.) The floating window is displayed on top of the screen and stays open even when you switch between input screen and form view. You can resize the window or move it to a different location on the screen or to a different monitor. To close it at any time, click the close button in the window's title bar. If you choose to display diagnostics in the right or bottom pane, the screen changes slightly to accommodate the diagnostics. Close the diagnostics as you would close the floating window.

Tab sections on the Diagnostics window

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