Checklists for reviewing converted tax returns

Alerts and notices

You can view or print the following checklists to help you review your converted tax data and prepare for the upcoming tax season.

Before working through a checklist, complete the steps to download and restore your converted data into UltraTax CS.

Proforma converted data into 2018 UltraTax CS

Each of the following checklists are designed to guide you through locating the input for your converted data based on the vendor you are converting from.

Restore converted data into 2017 UltraTax CS

If you restore your converted data into 2017 UltraTax CS, the following checklists will help you prepare to proforma your client information into 2018 UltraTax CS.

When restoring converted data into the current year application, the restored data will not match the completed return in your previous application. You can follow the steps in these checklists to better prepare your firm for the next tax season.