Reviewing your firm's workload in UltraTax CS

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The Firm Information section of the Home Page can help you understand your employees' workloads, which client returns they are accessing, their past performance, and information about their computer. This information can help inform decisions that will make your firm's workflow more efficient.

Complete the following steps to view information about your firm via the UltraTax CS Home Page.

Note: To access the Firm Information section, choose Setup > Security; enter your password and click Continue, if necessary; mark the Display Firm tabs on the home page checkbox in the Security Configuration dialog; and click OK. If you enabled advanced security, choose Setup > Security, enter your password and click Continue, click the Groups tab, click the Edit Group button, click the Administrative link in the Privilege column, set the Home Page privilege to Allow, and click OK twice.

  1. Open the UltraTax CS Home Page, and click the Firm Information link.
  2. Click the Who is Working Now tab to view a list of all users that are currently using UltraTax CS. You can view details about each user, such as when he/she opened the application and the client ID he/she is accessing.
  3. Click the Summary of Clients tab to view graphs of the number of clients in the current and prior-year applications, displayed by entity type.


    • If you have more than one data location, you can use the data location drop-down list to view information for all of your locations or for only a specific location.
    • To view a breakdown of specific types of returns, for example 1120C versus 1120S, hover the mouse over the entity section of the graph.
  4. Click the Summary by Employees tab to view a chart that includes the number of UltraTax CS returns, current and prior year and by entity type, that each preparer, reviewer, or staff member is assigned.


    • You can focus this chart to display all data locations or just one data location. You can see all employees at the same time or focus on either preparers, reviewers, or staff members.
    • To view a breakdown of specific types of returns, hover the mouse over the results for the type of return.
    • The entity type of each assigned application is displayed, but the statistics do not measure the complexity or effort in preparing the returns.
  5. Click the Computer Hardware tab to view hardware information for all UltraTax CS user, including the machine name, operating system, operating system version, CPU, memory, local administrator, browser information, and drives.

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