Setting options for all 706 clients

Alerts and notices

Use this procedure to specify setup options in UltraTax CS 706.

  1. Choose Setup > 706 Estate Tax to open the Product Information dialog.

    Note: Depending on the security configuration, it may be necessary to enter the master password and click OK before continuing.

  2. Click the Federal tab.
  3. In the Document format group box, select the appropriate Transmittal Letter and Filing Instruction option. The option you select applies to all new and existing UltraTax CS 706 clients until the option is changed.
  4. Click the Other Return Options button in the Additional information group box and select the appropriate setup options. The options you select here apply to all new and existing UltraTax CS 706 clients until the setup options are changed again.
  5. To set options that apply to all new clients subsequently added to UltraTax CS 706, click the New Client Options button in the Additional information group box.
  6. Click OK to accept the settings and close the dialog, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving the changes to option settings.
  7. To enter a reason for the extension on Form 4768 for all clients, click the Extension button in the Other group box, enter a reason in the Custom reason field, and then click OK.


    • If the client is applying for an automatic six-month extension for Form 706, a reason for the extension is not necessary, as explained in the form instructions; therefore, no reason prints.
    • The reason entered in this field applies to extensions for all clients that do not already have a reason entered on Screen PayExt. If this field and the field on Screen PayExt are blank, UltraTax CS prints the default reason, "Additional time is requested to gather information to prepare a complete and accurate return," on all applicable Form 4768 extensions.
  8. Click OK to close the 706 Product Information dialog.

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