Asset module overview

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Special considerations

Before you begin processing returns, you should decide whether you want to enter detailed asset information or summary asset information. We strongly recommend you use the same method for all clients. Entering detailed asset information in the asset module is the application default.

Main screens in the built-in asset module

The asset module in UltraTax CS offers flexible and detailed tracking of assets as well as a variety of reporting options. In addition to several dialogs used to enter specific asset information, there are two main screens in the asset module.

  • The Asset List window: To open the Asset List window, click the Asset tab in any activity-based folder. The Asset List window lists all assets already entered in the activity for the open client. From this window, you can add new assets, or modify or delete existing assets.
  • The Asset Detail dialog: To open the Asset Detail dialog, click the Add or Modify button in the Asset List window. The Asset Detail dialog contains up to six tabs in which you enter detailed asset information.

Procedures and capacities

See the following topics for depreciation-related procedures and capacities in UltraTax CS.

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