Processing 5500 federal returns

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This topic provides general information about the 5500 federal application and processing guidelines.

UltraTax CS allows you to create multiple copies of the same input screen. When more than one input screen is used, each copy is referred to as a "unit." The table below lists multiple-unit input screens for UltraTax/5500 and the maximum number of units available for each screen. These maximums are the number of units possible up to the per-return limit of 32,767 input screens.

Multiple-unit input screen Number of units possible
Screen A-1, Insurance Carrier Information No practical limit
Screen A-2, Insurance Carrier General Information No practical limit
Screen MB-3, Multiemployer Funding Standard Account No practical limit
Screen PStmt, Participants Statements No practical limit

Note: For information in accessing multiple-unit input screens, see Multiple-unit input screens.

The following list outlines the capacities of UltraTax/5500.

  • Prints up to 3,500 participant statements per return / report.
  • Handles dollar amounts ranging from -$999,999,999,999 to $999,999,999,999.
  • Allows up to 32,767 units of each multiple-unit input screen, except as noted in the previous Multiple-unit input screens available section.
  • Dynamically allocates client data as needed to minimize disk space requirements.
  • Accommodates 30,000 active clients at the same time.
  • Allows up to 65,500 statement dialogs.

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