1120-US: Changing return entity types (FAQ)

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How do I change the entity type for an 1120 return?


To change the federal entity type, open the return, choose File > Client Properties, click the Federal tab, and change the 1120 field to the desired entity type. You can also change the client's entity type after the proforma process and UltraTax CS/1120 transfers the appropriate entity's data to the input screens.


  • A Consolidated C or Consolidated S federal entity type cannot be changed. The client data must be deleted and added again if client was accidentally set up as a consolidated client.
  • Once a federal entity type is selected for a client, the client cannot be changed to a Consolidated C or Consolidated S entity type.
  • A Consolidated C or Consolidated S entity type can only be selected when the client is first created in UltraTax CS/1120.

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