Entering fundraising / gaming information for exempt organizations (990E) and private foundations (990PF)

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Use this procedure to enter information about a fundraising or gaming activity.

  1. Open the desired client (File > Open).
  2. Click the Direct folder in the folders block, and then click the tab for Screen Event (990E) or Screen EventPF (990PF).
  3. Enter an activity description of the event.
  4. In the General Information section, enter 3 for Fundraising / Gaming in the Type of income field. To further distinguish gaming income in Screen Event (990E), select a type from the Gaming type drop-down list.
  5. In the Income section on Screen Event-2 or Even-2PF, enter the non-contribution receipts in the Gross receipts or sales field. Enter cash or non-cash contributions (if any) into the Contributions received: Cash and/or Contributions received: Noncash fields for 990E or Contributions received fields for 990PF.

    Note: Contributions entered here should not be entered in Screen Income, IncomePF, or in the Contributor Information window (View > Contributor / Officer > Contributor Information). Contributions entered in Screens Event-2, Even-2PF, Income, IncomePF, and in the Contributor Information window (View > Contributor / Officer > Contributor Information) are combined on Page 1 of the return. Contributions entered into the Contributor Information window will not be combined on Page 1 of the return when the Exclude Schedule B from income field is marked.

  6. In the Directly Related Expenses section, enter expenses directly related to the special event. Fundraising expenses entered into this section are reported on Form 990, Part VIII or Form 990-EZ, Part I, where they are subtracted from the special event income. Specific data entry for Schedule G (990 only) is available on Screen Event-4.

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