Mass Transfer dialog

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Use this dialog to record the transfer of multiple assets to a different activity or to one of four associations within the same activity.

To open this dialog, open the Asset List window and choose Tasks > Mass Transfers.

Special information

Transferring multiple assets simultaneously

Transferring one asset or a portion of an asset

Fields & buttons

Displays a description and other information for mass transfers that have already been entered.

Displays the name of the selected mass transfer.

Note: To edit the name of an existing mass transfer, highlight the item in the list, click the Edit button, edit the name in this field, and then click the Enter button.

Click this button to open the Enter Transfer Information dialog in which you can modify the selection of specific assets that belong to the current mass transfer and modify transfer information.

Note: This button is available only after you highlight the desired mass transfer and click the Edit button. After making your selections in the Enter Transfer Information dialog, click OK to save your changes.

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