Lease Inclusion Calculation dialog

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Use the Lease inclusion dialog to calculate the lease inclusion amount for a leased vehicle.

To open this dialog, perform one the following steps.

  • Click the Lease inclusion button in the Additional 1040, 1065, or 1120 vehicle information group box in the Vehicle/Listed tab.
  • Click the Calc button in the Lease inclusion row of the grid in the Vehicle Entry dialog for 1040, 1065, or 1120 clients.


  • The Lease inclusion and Calc buttons are available only for 1040, 1065, 1120, or 1120S clients when Luxury auto (passenger) or Van or light truck is selected in the Type of property field in the Vehicle/Listed tab.
  • When the client is closed to the next year, the application automatically calculates the lease inclusion amount for that year.

Fields & buttons

Enter the date on which the lease began.

Enter the vehicle's fair market value as of the date on which the lease began.

Enter the length of the lease in months.

This field displays the calculated lease inclusion amount for the current year. This amount is calculated using the values above and the lease inclusion tables. This amount is calculated only if values have been entered in the fields above.

If you disagree with the application-calculated lease inclusion amount, enter the desired amount in this field.

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