Opening the asset module's Asset List window

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To open the asset module's Asset List window, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the client whose depreciation information you want to enter.
  2. In the folders block, click an activity-based input screen folder (for example, the 1040 Rental folder).
  3. If it is a multiple-unit input screen, either add a unit or select an existing unit.
  4. Click the Asset tab to open the Asset List window. Any assets you have already entered for this activity appear in the Asset List window.

    Note: If the Asset tab does not appear, choose File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties > Enter Asset Detail tab and mark the Enter asset detail information checkbox.


  • The default columns for the Asset List window are Asset #, Description, In Service (date), Disposal method, Tax Cost/Basis, Tax Current Depr, and Group. However, you can customize the column settings.
  • To add an asset, click the Add button. UltraTax CS opens the Asset Detail dialog in which you enter detailed information, and automatically assigns the next available number. Of course, you can always change asset numbers and the way UltraTax CS assigns them.
  • To modify an existing asset, highlight the asset and click the Modify button. The Asset Detail dialog opens.
  • To delete an existing asset, highlight the asset and click the Delete button.

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