Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) calculation

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See also: Depreciation tax assumptions

This table shows when the application performs the automatic AMT calculations.

Real Property Personal: New or Used
MACRS: accelerated for personal, S L for real property * *
MACRS: straight-line *
Alternative Depreciation System: MACRS (150% D.B.) *
Alternative Depreciation System: MACRS (straight-line) ** *
Regular ACRS accelerated percentages *
Optional ACRS straight-line percentages ***
125% declining balance *
150% declining balance *
200% declining balance *
Sum-of-the-year's digits *
Straight-line amortization
Memo asset (no depreciation)
Custom methods

* Automatic AMT calc.

** Automatic AMT calc. if ADS life is not equal to 40 years

*** Automatic AMT calc. if using accelerated life

For personal property acquired after 12/31/98, AMT and the 150% election under MACRS are calculated over regular MACRS lives instead of Alternative Depreciation System lives.

For qualified section 168(k) property, the AMT treatment will calculate the same as the Tax treatment.

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