Definition of aggregate assets

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Aggregate assets are used to display summary information for the component asset that comprises the aggregate. For example, if you trade an old desk to acquire a new desk, the application sets up the new desk asset as an aggregate asset consisting of one component asset that calculates the continuing depreciation for the old desk. If, in the exchange, you also paid an amount to acquire the new desk, the aggregate asset then consists of two component assets - the first component asset is the portion relating to the old desk, and the second component is a new asset equivalent to the boot paid.

Information on an aggregate asset's Depreciation tab can only be edited at the component level. Depreciation information on all other tabs (Disposal, Vehicle/Listed, Home Office, and Other) is edited at the aggregate level.

To view information for the component assets that comprise the aggregate asset, choose Tasks > Display Calculation. Any changes you make to the component assets will be reflected in the summary aggregate asset.

Note: The section 280F recapture calculation is not available for aggregate assets.

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