Calculating prior-year amounts for a NOL carryback (1041)

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Before you complete Screen NOL-2 in the Carryovers & NOL folder, prior-year tax returns must be recalculated using prior-year forms.

  1. Obtain copies of the original tax returns for the years that you are carrying information back.
  2. If there is a current-year NOL and you are carrying the NOL back to preceding tax years, recalculate the prior-year returns with the carryback information.
  3. Use the original returns and the recalculated returns to complete Screen NOL-2.

If you need to carry back more than 3 years, you'll need to prepare additional pages of Form 1045 by hand and paper file the return.


  • If you use an amended Form 1041 instead of a Form 1045 to request a refund, you can use Form 1045, Schedules A and B as attachments to Form 1041.

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