Sending a beneficiary K-1 package by email (1041)

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To email the beneficiary's Schedule K-1 package directly to the beneficiary, complete the following steps.

  1. Choose Setup > Office Configuration.
  2. Click the FileCabinet CS tab, and verify that the Print K1 packages to separate folder in FileCabinet CS checkbox is marked.


    • This checkbox is marked by default.
    • This checkbox is not available for GoFileRoom.
    • If you are not licensed for FileCabinet CS, this checkbox is available in FileDrawer.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Choose File > Open Client to open the desired beneficiary client's return.
  5. Choose File > Print Returns to open the Print Returns dialog.
  6. Mark the Preparer copy checkbox, and then mark the corresponding FileCabinet CS checkbox.
  7. Click the To Cabinet button to send the open client's return and the associated K-1 packages to FileCabinet CS.
  8. Click OK in the FileCabinet CS Documents dialog that opens.
  9. Choose File > Email Schedule K-1 Packages.
  10. In the Email K1 Packages dialog, enter the beneficiary's email address if you did not already enter an address for the beneficiary in the Email address field in the Beneficiary tab in View > Beneficiary Information. You can also complete the following tasks in the Email K1 Packages dialog.
    • Modify the subject and/or text of the email greeting as desired. You do not need to enter the K-1 recipient name in the email greeting. UltraTax CS uses the salutation entered in the Salutation field in Screen 1041 in the General folder as the K-1 recipient name.
    • Select a recipient for a blind copy of the email message sent to the beneficiary.
    • Modify the document name or select a different password from the view attached to the Password field.
  11. Click OK to send the email message with the beneficiary K-1 package.

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