1040-US: Customizing the Tax Return History Report

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How can I modify the charts that print on the Tax Return History Report?


Options to modify the Tax Return History charts are available in the Setup > 1040 Individual > Other Return Options > Other tab.

To print the report without the charts, clear the Print Tax Return History charts presented as: checkbox. To print the report with the charts, mark the checkbox and click the Chart Options button to open the Return History Chart Options dialog.

Select a chart location and click the Edit button to modify the figure represented in the chart and/or the type of chart desired. You can choose either bar chart or line chart, or choose None to have no chart print. Click the Restore button to: restore the default settings; select all charts as line charts; or select all charts as bar charts. These options will be in effect for all 1040 clients.

Additional options include the choice to complete the Projected column always, if the Tax Projection Worksheet is printing, or never. There is also an option to print the charts without shading.

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