Estimated taxes FAQs (1040)

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The following includes answers to common questions about estimated taxes.

How do I apply a portion of an overpayment to next year's estimated tax when there is no estimated tax due?

Has there been a change in the law for Safe Harbor rules affecting estimated tax payments for high income taxpayers?

How do I generate scannable estimate vouchers?

How do I generate estimate vouchers that will fit in the IRS-provided envelopes?

Has the IRS approved the application's 1040-ES (OCR-A) vouchers?

Can I still choose 1040-ES vouchers in OCR-A format if I do not have an IRS label from which to obtain the IRS two-character code (check digits)?

What does the taxpayer need to do to pay estimate payments via a credit card?

How do I generate separate estimated tax payments for a taxpayer and spouse?

My client paid the first estimated tax installment in April and is now receiving a refund. How can I apply the refund to the second, or later, estimates?

How do I generate only the estimate vouchers that are required to submit a payment?

My client set up electronic funds withdrawal for estimated tax payments with their tax return. The estimate amounts have been revised. How can I change the direct debit amount?

How do I print 1040 Estimate Instructions with estimate amounts indicated as “Paid”?

How do I print 1040 Estimate Instructions with only the estimated payment amounts that have a balance due?

Why is there a balance due on the Tax Projection Worksheet when calculating estimates using the Tax Projection Worksheet liability amounts?

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