Form 8949 adjustment codes (1040)

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Form 8949 adjustment codes are reported in column (f). For a complete list of column (f) requirements, see the "How To Complete Form 8949, Columns (f) and (g)" section of the Form 8949 instructions.

If you want multiple codes on For 8949, you can use any combination of the 1099B Errors and Adj Code fields (there are 2). You can report up to 7 codes per line on the From 8949. UltraTax CS will print them in alphabetical order without spaces or commas.

To enter Form 8949 adjustment codes:

  1. Go to the Income input folder. 
  2. Click the B&D or Broker screen. Only use the Broker screen if you're entering a consolidated broker statement. 
  3. On the B&D screen, click the Schedule for detail statement. Or, on the Broker screen, click the Proceeds from broker transactions statement.
  4. Complete the data entry in the table below for the code you want on Form 8949.
Form 8949 column f adjustment code Data entry
B Enter 2 in the 1099B Errors field. For codes B and T, enter 3.
T Enter 1 in the 1099B Errors field. For codes B and T, enter 3.
H See Section 121 exclusion data entry.
Q Enter V, X, Y, or Z in the Type field. See Section 1202 Small Business Stock Gains Exclusion.
S Enter S in the Type field.
C Enter C in the Type field.
All other codes Select the corresponding code in the Adj Code field.

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