Attach paper copy of Form 8949 substitute statement

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Follow these steps to attach a substitute statement for Form 8949.

  1. Open the Electronic Filing input folder.
  2. Click the 8453 screen.
  3. In the Form 8949 or similar statement field, enter 1 or 3.
  4. Open the Income input folder.
  5. Click the B&D or Broker screen. Only use the Broker screen for a consolidated broker statement.
  6. From the B&D screen, open the Schedule for detail statement. Or, from the Broker screen, open the Proceeds from broker transactions statement.
    • Desc: Enter "See attached".
    • Date Acq'd: Enter Various.
    • Date Sold: Enter Various.
    • Force: Use code 1 for short-term and code 2 for long-term.
  7. If multiple items exist, enter the summary statement items within the first 10 rows of the statement to ensure proper processing by the IRS.
  8. Print the return and attach the Form 8949 substitute to Form 8453 before mailing the return to the IRS.

If you choose to submit an acceptable substitute in lieu of entering each transaction separately, UltraTax CS prints Form 8453 with the return.

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