Changing default print options for organizer

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Use the Print Options tab to change the default print options.

  1. Depending on whether UltraTax CS is set up for global or user-defined print options, do one of the following:
    • Global print options: Choose Setup > Office Configuration. If required, enter the master password and click the Continue button, then click the Print Options tab.
    • User-defined print options: Choose Setup > User Preferences, then click the Print Options tab.
  2. In the Print Options dialog, click the Page Layout and Shading button.
  3. In the Page Layout and Shading dialog, click the Organizer tab.
  4. In the Shading group box, move the sliding lever to None, Light, or Normal.

    Note: Normal shading is 20% shade, and light shading is 10% shade. Shading cannot be adjusted for email and web organizers.

  5. Click OK.

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