Specifying organizer delivery preferences

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UltraTax CS assigns the paper organizer delivery preference for each client by default. Complete the following steps to specify different delivery preferences.

  1. Choose Setup > Client Communications.
  2. From the drop-down list in the Organizer Delivery column, select Paper, Email (PDF), File (PDF), Web, Web - Print only, or None
  3. For each option, you have the following ability:
    • Paper: Create a printed client organizer that you can send to your client via postal mail. The client then completes the organizer by hand and mails or faxes it back to your firm.
    • Email (PDF): Send a client organizer in Portable Document Format (PDF) to your client as an attachment to an email message. The client can complete the organizer by hand and can then return the completed organizer by postal mail, fax, or email attachment.
    • File (PDF): Create a client organizer in PDF and store it in a specified location. You can then provide this file to your clients via any file storage medium, such as a USB drive, CD-ROM, or any cloud-based platform.
    • Web: Send a web-based client organizer via a secure NetClient CS portal. Your client accesses the web organizer using a link and password that you provide via an automated email message from UltraTax CS. The client can then enter the appropriate information in the web organizer forms and attach additional files, if needed. After the client submits the completed organizer, you can retrieve the web organizer data and import it into the client's return in UltraTax CS.
    • Web - Print Only: Create a client organizer in PDF to provide to your client via NetClient CS. This option is not available if you use Onvio Client Center portals. 
    • None: Disable the organizer delivery altogether. 


  • You can specify delivery preferences for multiple clients at a time via the Utilities > Reassign Clients dialog.
  • You can select a batch of clients with different delivery preferences and UltraTax CS will process all of the clients in a single print run.
  • When printing one client at a time, you can override delivery preferences in the Print Organizers dialog. When printing items for multiple clients, UltraTax CS processes each organizer according to the individual delivery preference chosen in the Client Communications dialog.
  • UltraTax CS displays the selected tax return and organizer delivery preferences in the Client Organizer and Proforma Options section of Screen Contact in the General folder. The prior-year delivery methods are also displayed in this section. However, the method displayed in this field may not always match the delivery method selected for the client in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.

    For example, if you print the organizer on paper and then change the method selected in the Client Communications dialog to a different method (for example, Web), but do not reprint the organizer, the input screen field will continue to display 1 (Paper), which was the delivery method used the last time the organizer was printed. Also, if you print the organizer via File > Print Organizers using a method that is different from what is selected in the Client Communications dialog, the input screen field will display the method you selected in the Print Organizers dialog the last time the organizer was printed.

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