Setting options for all 1065 clients

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The options you select in the Federal tab apply to all new and existing UltraTax CS/1065 clients until you change the setup options.

  1. Choose Setup > 1065 Partnership.

    Note: Depending on the security configuration, a prompt to enter the master password may appear. Enter the password, and click OK before continuing.

  2. Click the Federal tab.
  3. In the Interest rates, Document format, and Additional information group boxes, select the appropriate setup options. The options you select apply to all UltraTax CS/1065 clients, new and existing, until you change the setup options.
  4. To enter new client options that apply only to clients subsequently added to UltraTax CS/1065, click the New Client Options button.
  5. To enter other return options that apply to all clients, click the Other Return Options button.
  6. Click OK to close the 1065 Product Information dialog.

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