Calculating Form 2290

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  1. Open the 2290 client's return by choosing File > Open Client.
  2. In the folders block, click Return, and then click the Return tab.

    Note: If more than one tax period unit is present, select the unit for which you want to calculate Form 2290 from the folders block or from the tab's drop-down menu.

  3. In the Return Information section, enter X in the Calculate this unit field.


    • UltraTax CS calculates only one Form 2290 return at a time.
    • UltraTax CS automatically marks this field whenever a new Return unit is added to a client's return. If you want to process a different unit, choose that unit from the tab's drop-down menu and manually mark this field for that period.
    • We recommend that you fully complete and file the 2290 return for one tax period before beginning data entry in another tax period unit.

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