Withholding - pass-through entity (Schedule INK1): 1040 Indiana (IN)

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Indiana Department of Revenue supports e-filing for returns with K1 withholding on Schedule 5 or F if the withholding is attributable to Schedule IN K-1 for Form IT-20S, IT-65, or IT-41. Enter state and county withholding amounts on the federal K1-4 screen for IT-20S/65, or federal K1T-2 screen for IT-41 (or the Allocation grid if there are multiple states). In order to electronically file, you must include supplemental information on the INK1SP or INK1ET screen in the Electronic Filing folder.

You are required to complete the Identification and Withholding section of the INK1SP/ET screen because it supports and reconciles state and county withholding on Schedule 5 or F that is attributable to Schedule IN K-1. Indiana requests you include the information in the other sections of the INK1SP/ET screen, but does not require it. Completing all information on these screens will reduce processing times and correspondence.

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