Specifying Business Organizer delivery preferences

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UltraTax CS assigns the paper Business Organizer delivery preference for each client by default. Complete the following steps to specify different delivery preferences.

  1. Choose Setup > Client Communications.
  2. Select Paper, Email (PDF), File (PDF), Web, or None from the drop-down list in the Organizer Delivery column.


  • You can select a batch of clients with different delivery preferences and UltraTax CS will process all of the clients in a single print run.
  • You can override delivery preferences in the Print Organizers dialog when printing one client at a time. When printing items for multiple clients, UltraTax CS processes each organizer according to the individual delivery preference chosen in the Client Communications dialog.
  • You can specify delivery preferences for multiple clients at a time via the Utilities > Reassign Clients dialog.
  • You can set the default Business Organizer delivery method for new clients in the New client options group box of the Setup > [Entity] > Organizer tab.
  • UltraTax CS displays the selected organizer delivery preferences for the client in Screen OrgOptns in the Organizer folder. 

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